Pennsylvania Workplace Safety Committee Training | EMPLOYERS

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry offers regular Workplace Safety Committee Training. Visit their website to view upcoming training dates and to register.

Course Description

This 2 ½ hour instructor led interactive course is designed to meet Pennsylvania’s Annual Training Requirements for state certification. Annual training of all safety committee members must be provided by a qualified provider in order to receive certification.

Attendees will receive training on the following topics:

Who Should Attend and Why?

Safety committee members in need of annual certification training (or retraining), or recent additions to safety committees should attend this webinar. The course fulfills the annual training towards obtaining the Safety Committee certification pursuant to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. These webinars are being offered at no cost to our policyholders. All committee members may participate in this webinar session in the same training room if you have a computer, projector and screen, internet connection and telephone. However, committee members can also participate from their own workstations.