Customer changing their policy information on their phone

Online Policy Management and Self‑Service Endorsements

Agents Save Time by Going Online - Policy Change Requests and More inside EACCESS

If you’re an insurance agent, the easiest way to manage your client’s policy is inside your EACCESS online account. Log in now and click “Manage Policies” in the center panel of your EACCESS Dashboard to get started, or continue reading for more details and helpful tips on how online policy management works at EMPLOYERS.

When to Go Online to Manage an EMPLOYERS® Policy

Any change or endorsement request can be entered online. If you haven’t tried logging in to process an endorsement or request a policy change yet, here’s a list of common situations when online policy management makes sense:

How to Get Started with Online Endorsements

Online policy management is easier than ever inside EACCESS, but here are some tips on where to go to manage different requests once you’re logged in. This table highlights the fastest paths to getting your policy management tasks done quickly:

Task Self Service Endorsements Policy Change Requests Bind Request or Agent of Record Change
Change Mailing Address X
Add or Update Location X
Request Endorsement X
Request Cancellation X
Request Reinstatement X
Bind Request X
Agent Record of Change X
All Other Requests X

We still have a highly-skilled team of experts on call if you need them. But take it from fellow agents in the field, you’ll love how fast online policy management can be:


When helping another agent go online to correct a policy number…

“He went in, submitted the request and was out in 2 minutes. He told the whole team how easy it was and he loved he could do it himself. He encouraged them all to use it!”

– Katie Sooy, ADP Client Relationship Manager

Offering all these options online means you can make policy adjustments on the go, whenever is most convenient for you. Log in to get started now!