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Idaho Required Postings and Forms

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The adjusting of the claims in this state are handled by Intermountain Claims. Once a claim is reported to EMPLOYERS, the claim will be assigned to Intermountain Claims. The contact information for Intermountain Claims is:

P.O. Box 4367
Boise, ID 83711

Please print and post the following notices, both in English and Spanish, in a conspicuous location frequented by employees, such as the break room, lunch room or time clock. If you have multiple business locations, be sure to post the notices at each location.

The following forms need to be completed and submitted to EMPLOYERS when a work-related injury occurs:

Mail Form:

You will need to fill out this form in duplicate and mail:

The form must be completed and sent to the organizations above, in the following instances:

  1. Upon termination of disability (regardless of length of time disabled for work).
  2. At the end of 60 days from the date disability began, if the employee is disabled that long.

E-Mail Form:

Please complete this form and e-mail it to us at In addition, please print out a copy of this form, sign it and save it in your files. Do not e-mail this form to the Industrial Commission.

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