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Get access to self-service tools to pay bills online, find a medical provider for an injured employee, check the status of a claim and more. Check our Frequently Asked Questions to learn how and get answers to other common policyholder questions.

Report an Injury or Claim

Please call the Injured Employee Hotline if you have not yet received medical treatment.

Those needing emergency treatment should call 911 immediately.

Injured Employee Hotline

(855) 365-6010

Customer Service Center

(888) 682-6671

You can also report your claim information by emailing

If you have already received medical treatment, please call the Customer Service Center to report a new workplace injury or occupational disease.

Inquire About an Existing Claim

If you are the EMPLOYERS policyholder, you can check the status of a claim by viewing your policy inside EACCESS, otherwise contact us at the following:

We also offer a full list of medical billing and contact information, or you may use the following address:

Claim Services Address

EMPLOYERS Claim Services
P.O. Box 14791
Lexington, KY 40512-4791

Premium Audit Department

You can reconcile your payroll, operations and job classifications for your policy coverage period easily online by finding “My Premium Audits” inside EACCESS, or contact us with questions at (888) 682-6671.

Loss Control Department

For anyone who handles human resources, safety and risk responsibility for businesses, we have you covered inside the Loss Control Connection℠. Contact us with additional Loss Control questions here:

Other Policyholder Inquiries

For billing support, quote or local agent information, login help or general troubleshooting, contact us at:

General Mailing Address

10375 Professional Circle
Reno, Nevada 89521